Facebook or Face2Face

My job ended in December 2016. I made the concious decision to not panic and not look for work and invest in quality time with friends. Having no home my car holds various travel bags such as my suitcase, a rucksack with walking clothes, another for cycling clothes and a bag full of 21 journals hoping to be turned Into a book. Six weeks have past since the job/house loss, I have visited and stayed with friends in Bournemouth and Wales. It has been such a rewarding time, a rich time of investing in friendships, it has filled me with joy to slow down and have time for people. So much of real life and genuine social interaction starts to bud and grow in a way that is missed with the busyness and rush rush of modern life. I have invested my time and efforts into people and understand the apostle John’s statement that he could write to people but he longs to see them ‘face2face’. Why? So that his joy might be Full. Facebook, Twitter, ¬†etc can only go so far. They are a poor substitute for the forgotten art and joy of the company of family, friends and people.