Full Circle.


Ever found yourself back in a familiar Place. After my job ending in Wales Dec 2016, I prayed that prayer, God lead me from here, I will not seek work but pray and trust day to day for you to lead. Not easy as choosing not to work, but to patiently trust that the right Job will come up at the right time in the right way for the right reasons. After a 3 month spell at a bible training college in Wales, suddenly it all lined up. A job offer in Norway, back at my old School Vestborg, after 9 years away. It is great to be back in the same place realising you are a different person, that Your character has changed, matured and that is far more important than chasing a job that will give you a big pay check but not develope you as a person. Having a very rewarding job, with great managers and awesome students to work with, brings the best out of you. Living in one of the worlds most stunning areas, fjords and mountains, Fish and ski slopes. Wild beauty and Wild dangers. Of course family, friends and familiarity of UK life are missed and that’s where the job has to balance out those sacrifices. Worth waiting for? You bet.Skule Trip & Molde UEFA sept 06 052


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