Prayer or Intercession ? Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance but laying hold of His willingness ( Martin Luther)

Praying  prayers devotionally with quick 2 minute chats with God, hoping that sometime in the future you might get the answer no,maybe or yes.These are our normal prayers in the busy world of modern life. Yet,for Rees Howells,who bought four estates with only 2 shillings,  the key was intercessor prayer. Spending long periods in prayer, 2 weeks or 5 weeks until he had gained the victory and God’s confirmation that the request made in prayer was secure. He prayed for a certain lost soul whom he knew about for a specific time, without letting  that person know. After weeks of praying for her to God and finally getting the assurance Rees had prevailed,  she suddenly turned up at church. A few weeks later the women broke in a meeting and surrendered her life to God. So do we care enough for lost souls, if so our short prayers should be replaced by longer prayers where we get the victory first.20170302_220436

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