In the beginning …….

I wish I had a camera to catch the beauty before me. As I stood on the beach of Swansea bay the day was giving way to night and the ocean was slowly at it’s fullest. My eyes moves right from the city lights peering into the distant valley’s, from there towards the pillow like clouds and flickering fires of the now saved Port Talbot steel works. Above all this a swollen orange tinted moon floated just above the hills. It’s orange light reached out across the bay, making a narrow shimering carpet that rolled out across the bay towards my feet. This was not a carpet that was inviting me to walk to the moon, but sensed God had already walked down it and now he stood with me. At one with nature some words filled my mind, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1). This was beauty at it’s best.

Then as day gave way to night and land lights gave way to sky lights, various stars also hung in nothingness, orions 3 stars stealing the show, billions of miles away yet impacting my life here on this tiny blue planet. I was reminded of God’s words to Job,’can you bind the cluster of Plieades or loose the belt of Orion’. Like Job I sensed the vastness of God and His creation and to steal a famous quote, my heart was ‘strangely warmed’. I sensed God and all was well in my heart and mind for that moment. Challengely, creation itself declares there is a Creator behind it all, yet his truth surpressed by humanity.

A God wanting and waiting to be know. The problem is not on God’s side but ours. Yet tonight, a simple walk on the beach and the handing over of time resluted in wonder touching my life. This stunning creation and it’s creatures only surpassed by the icing on the cake, you and me, community. Humanity the crowning glory of it all, made in His image, male and female who become one flesh and told to be fruitful and multiply. Knowing you Jesus, knowing you, there is no greater thing. No wonder God looked at His creation and said , ” it is very good”.

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