Derwyn Fawr – Mighty Oak

Remember I told you that since my job had finished suddenly last December,I decided to trust God and only do what I saw Him doing. So far, I have enjoyed time with friends in the Greenhouse retreat in Poole and most recently time in Porthcawl with family. I have not had a place to stay for longer than 3 weeks but tomorrow I move to the famous ‘Rees Howells’ bible college in Wales to start a 3 month course that preps for ministry. I have decided to not have my own room in order to share a dorm with three others. I am all about community at the moment and making decisions that take me out of my private comfort zone in order to get challenged and hand more and more of my life over to God and his people. Community before time alone. It takes courage to let go of control, trust God and just let life unfold itself day by day. Follow my site for updates and I would value your prayers and support. Tomorrow I have a place to live for 3 months and I can unpack my suitcase into draws and cupboards, oh the luxury of it all.

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